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Carolina Herrera Insignia Women Limited Edition
Carolina Herrera Insignia Women Limited Edition
This fragrance gives you femininity and great appeal, and offers you a high-class elegance, in addition to offering you a long-lasting fragrance that will help you spread the joy wherever you go. CH INSIGNIA composes a refined symphony with Oud and Rose to create a spicy yet sensual limited-edition fragrance. The INSIGNIA is represented both on the bottle and inside, as luxurious ingredients form a scent that is undoubtedly feminine - and extraordinary. The INSIGNIA is a bold emblem, a mark of distinction that can be worn in the form of luxurious CH Statement Jewelry and now as a scent; as majestic in the aura as it is in impact. Not one for the convention, the CH INSIGNIA bottle in Herrera red can also be displayed on its side, proudly showcasing the golden “H” to all onlookers. While Oud & Rose will ultimately take the plaudits, the composition is as multi-layered and bold as the brand’s INSIGNIA itself. A rare Italian bergamot essence gives a zesty freshness to the opening, joined by a peppery citrus breath and a floral elegance from the heart, while resinous, warm notes of incense complete the woody base. About the brand: Carolina Herrera is a Venezuelan-born American fashion designer, known for her elegance and sophistication. Before she became a designer, she was known as one of the most beautifully dressed women in the world. Her company is renowned for its sophisticated and elegant classic designs, as well as its fragrances.
Carolina Herrera Insignia Women Limited Edition
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