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FOREVER52 brand

Forever 52 is the most famous beauty brand in the world. It is a German brand that has developed over the past years to provide high quality products all over the world. Forever 52 products are distinguished by the well-known German quality that compete with other international makeup brands in quality and prices, as their prices are suitable for everyone.

Daily Life Forever52 introduced its first line of makeup products from Germany and quickly became the fastest selling brand in the Middle East. Since then, it has expanded its presence on all continents. It made its way into the Gulf in 2007 and has distinguished itself with its presence in notable locations across the Middle East including Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

 Forever 52 is sold in 1,200 stores worldwide, with 200 training institutes, and 350 exclusive stores and outlets in malls. Her next step is geared towards establishing her presence internationally and being of service to every woman in every corner of the world.