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Terms of use :-

Registration for sellers:

You have a registered commercial company with a valid commercial registry.

That you provide proof of the authorization of the individuals who register on or use the site.

Provide proof of identity to the authorized person.

Provide supportive bank statements.

Conditions for sellers:

When you use or access the Services, you agree to do the following:

Not to post, include or download any inappropriate or prohibited material on our website, including:

* Content or materials that are morally or religiously inappropriate.

* Contents that do not comply with local law, Islamic law, morals and traditions.

* Contents that may threaten national security.

* Content that may be promoted or may be part of gambling.

Securities, including stocks, bonds, sukuk, or any other securities or assets.

* Alcohol, tobacco products, narcotics, mind-altering substances, hypnotic substances, intoxicants of any kind, and medicinal medicines.

* Defective, false, damaged or misleading materials, or they may cause harm when used normally for the benefit or health of another user of the site.

* Non-transferable vouchers.


Registration for buyers: -

That the person is at least 18 years old.

That the information is specific to you and is correct, including the address.