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Bigen Lady Speedy Color Medium Brown 30 - 1 Kit

Bigen LadyColor No Ammonia Hair Color is the perfect find for women who are always on the go. With over 30 years of hair coloring experience, Bigen exclusively designed for Speed ​​Control, you can now easily color your hair in 10 minutes! The floral scent lasts long after washing and gives a sense of calm. The absence of ammonia gives you a safe experience and it is also noted that this product does not contain any harmful chemicals. Bigen LadyColor Ammonia Free Hair Color is made with 6 natural herbal extracts of calming mint, chamomile, hops, fennel, mistletoe and yarrow, giving your scalp feeling nourished and irritant-free. Herbal extracts also help reduce hair damage and give you an itch-free scalp.

  • COMPLETE COVERAGE GRAY HAIR IN JUST 10 MINUTES: Bigen Lady Color No Ammonia hair color is widely known for its special formula and speed of control.
  • Ammonia Free: Enjoy safely dyeing your hair with the product as it does not contain ammonia and peroxide which damage ingredients and are therefore harmless to the scalp.
  • ECONOMICAL PRICE: For busy schedules, forget the hassles of having to stock up because this product gives you enough for multiple use. Store the leftover product after use and you can always use it later, thus, it is cost-saving
  • Natural Herbal Extracts: Don't worry about damaged hair or harmful chemicals as this product is made with 6 natural herbal extracts that give your hair a soft feel and a hydrated scalp.
  • No Smell: Say goodbye to chemical odors, as this hair color delivers a soothing floral scent of citrus throughout the coloring process.
  • Rich in Taurine: This product is enriched with Taurine, which makes the color a natural deep chestnut that is long lasting and leaves no gray hair uncolored.

How to use:


  • Put on the gloves that come in the kit and take the required amount of color cream and eye cream from the tubes in a bowl and mix well
  • Apply the mixture to dry hair with a brush and comb through for an even distribution
  • Wait for 10 minutes only and then rinse thoroughly with shampoo and water

Warnings and precautions:


  • Read the instruction leaflet carefully before applying the product
  • Make sure to do a skin allergy test 48 hours before application to check if you are allergic to the product
  • In case of rash or itching, consult a dermatologist and stop using the product immediately
Bigen Lady Speedy Color Medium Brown 30 - 1 Kit

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